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So another giveaway…this time it’s Tohoshinki’s Time Works Wonders!

And I will be giving away two copies of it.

The rules:

❥ anyone can participate. Following me is not a necessity.

❥ please reblog; don’t just like the post. Also, only one reblog per day.

❥ winners will be chosen with the help of; I will put the number 1- # of notes and ask to generate 2 random numbers. Whoever reblogged or liked on the winning number will win.

❥ no giveaway blogs please.

❥ since the order is placed with Yesasia, I will be shipping pretty much to anywhere Yesasia ships.

❥ you can go here if you want to see what exactly you will be getting.

❥ Ends on October 22 (my mom’s birthday).

— If you have any questions, please feel free to message me —


Anonymous asked: where do you find pictures of the boys to edit? do you just google or use galleries..?

dbsknights, jyj3, kokayz lj ^^

I don’t search on google, tumblr, or korean/chinese/japanese sites because I have no time.

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"You say I work hard? No. I’m here now because I didn’t work hard. I was abandoned because I didn’t work hard."

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amazing tvxq performances → ten (2/3) | 14.01.04
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4 / 20 of bias : in dramas & movie  
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Changmin’s honest talk to Jaejoong.

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[30 days dbsk edit challenge] day 8 → edit of your bias : jung yunho

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